Podcast @ Your Library: It’s easier than you think!

On March 12, 2008, two local librarians Darren Chase, Informatics Librarian at the Health Sciences Library of Stony Brook University and Chris Kretz, Digital Resources Librarian at Dowling College Library demonstrated just how easy podcasting can be.Darren kick started the workshop with explaining what a podcast is and then demonstrated how to make a podcast on a shoestring budget. In less than one hour, he recorded a podcast using a microphone and free software called Audacity, set up a WordPress blog to syndicate the podcast, and finally published the podcast to the Internet Archive! Click here to view Darren’s presentation handout, Learning How To Podcast In Your Sleep.

Afterwards, Chris discussed his academic library podcasting experience with the Omnibus podcasts for Dowling College Library. Chris described his experiences creating the podcasts, including tricks to interview, time needed to edit, and much more. Click here to view Chris’ presentation, This American Library.

At the conclusion of the program, Darren and Chris invited participants to take part in a question and answer session, which was then recorded to demonstrate just how easy making a podcast can be.

Check out photos from the program on LILRC’s Flickr page.

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