Wiki @ Your Library: Now what can you do with it?

On June 10th, presenters Judy Brink-Drescher and Diane Holliday enthusiastically showed participants what can be done with a Wiki, as evident by the LI South Shore History Wiki that was discussed. This Wiki offers a unique blend of culture and history of the past and present and also incorporates a Blog featuring a Question of the Day and uses Flickr as a photo repository.

Although these features may seem ordinary, one visit the Wiki’s Bulletin Board will reveal a mosaic of comments ranging to the not so ordinary, which reflect the scope of people interested in this project. As Judy and Diane pointed out, a comment on UFOs was posted.

I could go on forever describing the over 100 pages included in this wiki, but why not check it out for yourselves at lisshistory.dowling.edu, who knows, maybe you can find something to contribute! This Wiki is open to editing, so feel free to add something, leave a comment, or just answer the question of the day.

Listening to Judy and Diane discuss this project provided insight into using Web 2.0 technologies in different applications to successfully get your community involved. There’s no denying the dedication and hard work put into this and they have demonstrated what a Wiki is best known for-collaboration. They are collaborating with library staff, different Dowling College departments, the community and many others.

So go ahead and give it a try. Find a Wiki that best fits your needs and see what YOU can do with it.

Presentation Slides

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