They Are a-Changin': Emerging Subject Guides

Friday, August 28, 2009–Guest speaker Kristina DeVoe, English & Communications Librarian at Temple University Libraries enthusiastically kicked off the presentation by asking the mixed crowd of public and academic librarians:

They Are a-Changin'

What makes an effective guide?

In this interactive and hands-on program, participants began the session by introducing themselves and thier ideas on what makes an effective guide.  After compiling a lengthly list, the group went on to discuss how to define subject guides.  Kristina discussed the issues and challenges faced with implementing LibGuides at Temple University Libraries, where subject guides were defined as dynamic, flexible, interactive, and easy to use.  She went on to explain that subject guides are purpose-driven and tools for discovery, current awareness, and outreach and collaboration.

In addition to LibGuides, which is a fee-based guide, other options were mentioned including:



To conclude the presentation, participants broke up into groups and explored trends for the use of subject guides including marketing & advertising, evaluation & assessment, and ideas for guide topics.

(Powerpoint Coming Soon)

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