PubMed Training

March 26th-Medical and public librarians gathered for PubMed Training at Farmingdale State College, with our guest Database Trainers Sharon Brown, Joey Nicholson, and Molly.

Here are some PubMed quick facts:

  • PubMed is the interface used to search Medline
  • 30% PubMed searches are done by the public
  • Approx. half of the citations in PubMed are full-text.
  • 25% percent of articles are indexed within 30 days of submission by publishers.

Our class covered PubMed which includes MEDLINE citations, and also included a discussion on the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and its importance as a tool to both searchers and indexers.

The last task for the day was to cover My NCBI, a powerful tool that allows users to save information, including History, and customize display and preferences. It allows you to save searches, select display formats and filtering options, and set up automatic searches that are sent by e-mail. Plus you can create as many accounts as you want!

Useful links:

Special thanks to the Greenley Library at Farmingdale State College for hosting the event and to Sharon, Joey, and Molly for providing the training.

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