Highlights from How To Market Your Library

February 22, 2012–Over 60 participants gathered for the LILRC sponsored program, How to Market Your Library, which took place at the Farmingdale Public Library, with guest speaker Victor Caputo, Director of Public Relations/Programs for The Bryant Library.

The session kicked off with an insightful and entertaining look at a variety of commercials and media clips to illustrate how companies creatively evoke a feeling through marketing.  Target Corporation, as a shared example, has created an immediately identifiable brand so that the commercials don’t even mention the word “Target” in them, but rather, are easily identified by the company’s logo.  Here’s just one example:

Libraries can be equally as creative in marketing services.  Here’s just one example:

The discussion continued covering the importance of a Marketing Plan and the contents that make one up including the library mission statement, situational analysis, SWOT analysis, objectives, target market, financial outlook, strategy and goals.

Participants were provided with marketing suggestions, which focused on the library as a community center.  These practical tips included:

  • -Be a presence in the local community–hire local talent for programming, collaborate with public schools and other organizations, and  get to know your local newspapers and businesses.
  • -Promote your library brand–put library logos on bookmarks, reusable bags, pens, etc.
  • -Conduct surveys–there are a number of free resources for this, including SurveyMonkey.
  • -Direct email of library events and services–allows you to reach new users.

Special thanks to the Farmingdale Public Library, Victor Caputo, and all who participated in the program.

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