ONLINE class presented by NY3Rs: Web Services Bootcamp

NY3Rs Association presents…

Web Services Bootcamp: Adding Value to Library Apps & Services

This is a two-part class.  Live and ONLINE at your desk.  Open to NY3Rs members only**

Date: Tuesday, July 31 and Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Presenter: Jason A. Clark, Head of Digital Access & Web Service, Montana State University

Libraries Course Description: Are you a solo web developer with an interest in learning basic web scripting? A newbie thrown into your library web programming role because nobody else raised their hand? Somebody with a little more experience, but always looking to improve your knowledge of web services? This class is for you. We will work through the basics of web services, simple to use embed code, and highlight resources to continue learning with an emphasis on mashups and web services as a means to practice these skills. Come learn how to incorporate the “web of data” into your library applications and services.

Topics covered include:

  • Why web services for libraries?
  • What do we gain in the move to mashup?
  • Define the major terms of web services
  • Resources for learning: wizard and tools (Yahoo Pipes, Google Code Playground)
  • Code samples for downloading and practicing

Featured code samples include:

  • Image mashups using javascript and the Flickr API
  • Video mashups using the YouTube and blip.tv API
  • Search suggestions using the Yahoo BOSS API
  • Mapping data with the Google Maps API
  • Bestsellers and Movie Reviews with the New York Times API

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able use API documentation and understand where to find mashup examples
  • Know how to traverse/parse stuctured data using programming expressions like XPATH
  • Build a simple mashup example

Target Audience: Library staff who have interest in and aptitude with library web development.


  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS; Interest in learning Javascript and server-side programming.
  • Experience with XML and javascript preferred.

Homework Expectations and Completion Requirements:

  • First class: Worksheet with exercises solving how to traverse/parse XML and JSON documents (one hour)
  • Second class: Create a test mashup with Javascript or simple embed code from one of the APIs we surveyed (1.5 hours)

Cost: NY3Rs Members Only: $20

To register go to: http://clrc.org/clrc/event-registration-2?action=evregister&event_id=49

You are eligible to register for this class if you are a member of one of the nine NY3Rs Association, Inc Library Councils. A complete listing of all NY3Rs councils may be found here: http://www.ny3rs.org/?page_id=19 If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact your local library council here: http://www.ny3rs.org/?page_id=89.

Presenter Bio: Jason A. Clark is Head of Digital Access and Web Services at Montana State University Libraries where he builds digital library applications and sets digital content strategies. He writes and presents on a broad range of topics including mobile design & development, web services & mashups, metadata & digitization, Javascript, interface design, and application development. This class is contracted through Amigos Library Services and funded by the NY3Rs Association, Inc.

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