Redesign Library Space: Meeting the Changing Community Needs

On Friday, June 1, 2012, the Shelter Rock Public Library Director, Andrea Meluskey and Farmingdale Public Library
Director, Deborah Podolski shared with us their vision of a modern, user friendly library and how they were able to
accomplish their goals of re-purposing and modernizing their library.

Library Profiles:


Shelter Rock Public Library

Population Served: 27,188
Square Footage: 23,787
Square Footage Per Capita: 0.88
Number of Staff: 36.22 FTE
Operating Expenditures: $3,077,027





Farmingdale Public Library

Population Served: 41,080
Square Footage: 60,000
Square Footage Per Capita: 1.46
Number of Staff: 37.5 FTE
Operating Expenditures: $3,711,507

Presentation Slides:


Many thanks to our speakers for opening up their libraries and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the Long Island library community.  Special thanks to Beatty, Harvey, Coco Architects, LLP for support of this program.

To view photos from the event, please visit:

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