Annual Conference

Early Bird Rates for the LILRC 21st Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future

Mark your calendar and be sure to take advantage of the Early Bird rates available for the LILRC 21st Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future, which will take place on Thursday, October 25th and Friday, October 26th.  This year’s theme is, “The Cloud in the Forecast: Access and Ownership.”

Here’s a closer look at Friday’s speakers:

Matt Goldner, Product and Technology Advocate, OCLC, Inc.

Shifting Sands and New Foundations

Libraries are facing the need for transformational change if we are to meet the needs of our institutions and communities in a rapidly evolving information environment. The advent of the Web not only seriously impacts the role of the library but also offers the opportunity to move beyond working at ‘institution scale’ and start working at ‘Webscale’, increasing our value and relevance through collaboration. So what should my library be thinking about in relation to cloud computing solutions and being a active participant in the Web of information?

Joe Karaganis, Vice President, The American Assembly, Columbia University

The Pirate Archive: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control





Brian O’Leary, Founder and Principal, Magellan Media; Adjunct Professor, New York University

The Opportunity in Abundance

The models used to govern content creation, management and distribution have changed. The stable, ‘one-to-many’ model for marketing and distribution has given way to more robust, less constrained options, including ‘many to many’ and even ‘many to one’.

Although digital technologies have altered publishing business models, supply-chain participants have continued to try to evolve their market roles in ways that typically follow the rules for ‘two-party, one-issue’ negotiations. In an environment in which the negotiations are better framed using models for ‘many parties, many issues’, these more limited approaches have made the design of a flawed ecosystem even worse, shifting burdens onto valued intermediaries (libraries and booksellers, among others).

Content abundance, coupled with improvements in available technologies, gives us an opportunity to reshape the competitive framework. This session will examine options to apply the principles of effective game design to create a set of new, targeted and evolving business models for content dissemination in an era of abundance.

Thursday night’s guest speaker will be Evan St. Lifer, Vice President and General Manager, Scholastic Library Publishing.  

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