Annual Conference

21st Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future

The Cloud in the Forecast: Access and Ownership

This year’s LILRC 21st Annual Conference on Libraries on the Future focused on the theme: The Cloud in the Forecast: Access and Ownership.

Thursday night’s guest speaker was Evan St. Lifer, Vice President and General Manager, Scholastic Library Publishing, who explored five trends facing libraries today.


Attendees returned on Friday morning, for the full-day conference programs.  Brian O’Leary, Founder and Principal, Magellan Media  and Adjunct Professor, New York University, kicked off the conference with his presentation, The Opportunity in Abundance.

Brian OLeary

Following a short break, Joe Karaganis, Vice President, The American Assembly, Columbia University, presented, The Pirate Archive: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, which was partly based on significant report findings from the Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (PDF format) and Copy Culture in the USA and Germany.

Joe Karaganis

Following lunch, our final speaker of the day took to the podium.  Matt Goldner, Product and Technology Advocate, OCLC, Inc. presented The Future of Libraries in the Information Environment.

Matt Goldner
Click image for presentation slides (PDF)

In addition to the Conference speakers, this year’s LILRC Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future also featured a presentation from LILRC Assistant Director, Min Liu, who shared with attendees information on how LILRC utilizes cloud computing services.

LILRC in the Cloud
Click the image for presentation slides (PDF)

Special thanks to:

Conference Sponsors:  BALDESSARI & COSTER LLPLong Island University, Palmer School of Library & Information Science, Nassau County Library Association, and the Suffolk County Library Association.

The LILRC Annual Conference Committee, LILRC Board of Trustees, and Connie Litcher.

Dowling College, for hosting this years event.

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