Facebook: Ideas to Align Content Strategy with FB’s New News Feed

Back in October, Cynthia Hart presented, “Harness the Power of Facebook” for us, and perhaps you had an opportunity to attend this information-packed session!

Cindy has passed along some great ideas to align content strategy with Facebook’s new News Feed.  Here are her ideas on how you can take advantage of Facebook’s new News Feed:

  1. Publish more visual content.  FB’s new look enhances images.  An entire feed can be viewed solely comprised of photos.
  2. Plan Photo focused Ads. FB is adding mini-feeds segmented by content.  Ads will become more visual.
  3. Keep copy short.  Captions will be displayed differently.  They were underneath photos.  Now they will overlay images in news feed.
  4. Focus on FB likes that really like us.  FB  users will be able to look at content posted only from their friends.  So they may not see our posts.  They could be filtered out.  So focus on people that really love us.  They will share updates with their FB friends.  Like Jean M.  at Great Neck.  J
  5. FB is not making top-shared content rise to the top.  Kind of like the Today like method at Linkedin.  So we need to Promote more public content (website, blogs, etc..). FB will aggregate the most shared content from a publisher and include the company logo.  We’ll have to work harder to make content that stands out
  6. Integrate FB and Pinterest strategies.  Content shared thru 3rd party apps will have greater visibility in News feed.  Recent survey says 98% of Pinterest accounts have a FB account.  You should be able to get images into people’s news feed.
  7. Location check-ins.  FB changes will make check-ins more visible in the news feed.  More people will see the library in the friends-only feed.
  8. Likes will mean more now.  They will show up in news feed as a news story with the page default and cover photo.  Our cover photo becomes more important.

Happy FB’ing!

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