Connecting to New York's Collections Project

The NY3Rs Association, Inc. is partnering in a new national Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) project called Connecting to New York’s Collections (C2C) with the Greater Hudson Heritage Network and museums across New York State, including the New York Council on the Arts, the Albany Institute of History and Art, the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, the Fenton Historical Society of Jamestown, the Historic House Trust of New York City, the Museum Association of New York, Museumwise, the Niagara County Historical Society, the Onondaga Historical Association, and the Oyster Bay Historical Society.

This project will address specific preservation training needs in connection with the collection types identified as at risk in New York’s planning project: books and paper, photographic collections, digital materials, and historic objects. Training will be provided via a four-part Webinar series, viewable independently or in groups to encourage informal discussion; web-based “how to” video tutorials providing instruction to organizational staff and to a more general audience who may have personal collections; a statewide, interactive cross-disciplinary knowledge portal that will serve as a clearinghouse for preservation best practices and as a landing page for disaster preparedness plans; and a circuit rider mentoring program serving each of nine regions through free site assessment visits for collections care. The project will reach approximately 5,000 cultural heritage institutions in New York.

The following two Webinars have been scheduled:

1A: Disaster Prevention and Preparedness on June 18, 2013 (Register Here)

Participants will receive a pre-test to gauge participant’s knowledge of risk assessment and disaster recovery. This Webinar will explore natural, industrial, technological, building, and human hazards at their institutions. Review of disaster planning and prevention, disaster response, drying techniques, setting priorities, and documentation. Issues discussed include: what are the collections that are most critical to your institution and its mission and what would be irreplaceable after an emergency? Participants will begin work on their disaster plans in an uninterrupted environment where they can ask questions while they become comfortable with the software.

1B: Response and Recovery on August 6, 2013 (Register Here)

This webinar will review salvage priorities and recovery — what clients can do on their own and when to call in the experts – followed by mitigation and planning purposes. Understand how to recover effectively from a disaster while continuing to provide service to your community. Materials covered include books and papers, photographs, digital collections, and art objects.

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