Back by Popular Demand: NY3Rs Webinar Series: Cataloging with RDA

The hands-on, four-part online class, Cataloging with RDA scheduled for September filled up so quickly that we’ve arranged it again for October!

On October 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th from 2pm to 4pm, Bill Walker will help students:

  • distinguish between work, expression, manifestation and item as they apply to describing and providing access to resources and understand their roles in enabling users to find, identify, select and obtain resources
  • build descriptions of resources using RDA Core elements
  • create authorized access points using preferred names for persons, families and corporate bodies and preferred titles for works
  • articulate relationships between works, expressions, manifestations and items and between resources and persons, families and corporate bodies using RDA vocabularies and
  • use the RDA Toolkit and workflows to identify rules relevant to describing resources and creating access points.

Read more and register at http://www.ny3rs.org/educational-opportunities/registration/.

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