Traci Engel Lesneski Leads LILRC’s Spring Library Space Series

On Thursday, April 24th, LILRC held its first-ever Spring Library Space Series with guest speaker Traci Engel Lesneski, Principal at Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. (MS&R).

Part 1 of the Series kicked-off in the morning with the presentation, “From Repository to Experience: Library Becomes Verb.” Learning by doing is firmly taking hold in education, and this hands-on approach to learning is increasingly part of a vibrant library. Maker spaces, DIY labs, artists-in-residence, self-publishing are just some of the interactive learning and making opportunities that draw customers and redefine the library to maintain relevance and integration in its community. Traci Lesneski shared her knowledge and experience in incorporating active learning in libraries, and the re-purposing of space once used for materials storage into user-centric spaces.

series 1


Part 2 of the Series resumed in the afternoon with the presentation, “10 Steps to a Better Library Interior.”  During this hands-on and interactive session, Traci provided attendees with ideas and tools to re-imagine library interiors with creativity and resourcefulness (even doing so with small investments).  She shared tips and a variety of images from library projects of all scales from around the country.  In a break-out session, attendees then had an opportunity to work together using their own photos and floor plans of their libraries to discuss design challenges and gain insights and suggestions from peers and Traci.

Series 2

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring Library Space Series as well as the Merrick Library for hosting this event.

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