Annual Conference

A Closer Look at Design Thinking with Steven J. Bell

With the LILRC 24th Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future only 54 days away, let’s take a closer look at one of the topics of this year’s theme: Changing Faces, Changing Spaces: Design Thinking, Demographics and Diversity.

steven-bell-newswireDesign thinking; what is it?  How does it apply to libraries?  These are just a few questions you may find yourself asking.  On Friday, November 6th, Steven J. Bell, Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services at Temple University will present, Turn It Into a Design Challenge: Design Think Your Way to a Better LibrarySteven will present librarians with some unprecedented challenges as they confront a rapidly changing environment with constrained resources. Design is at its essence about change, and creating products, services and spaces that provide elegant solutions to big problems. Be it library space, learning objects, websites or tutorials, librarians do design. To improve their design process, librarians should consider taking a more systematic approach referred to as design thinking. In this presentation, Steven will lead attendees to better understand  what design thinking is and how it can be applied by librarians to develop design challenges for tackling our toughest problems.

Want to learn more?  Then be sure to register today for the LILRC 24th Annual Conference on Libraries and the Future!

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