Recap & Resources from Privacy Toolkit for Librarians Workshop

Shout out to the Library Freedom Project & NYCLU for the terrific training session on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at the Farmingdale Public Library! If you missed this event, take a peak at the resources shared here and also be sure to check out the Library Journal article: “Library Freedom Project, NYCLU Discuss Privacy and Online Security,” which covered the event.

Mariko Hirose from the NYCLU began the workshop with a “Know Your Rights” training for librarians, detailing the contours of federal and local privacy law, as well as providing information on how to respond when served with an information request such as a National Security Letter, administrative subpoena, or warrant.

Click for presentation slides (PDF format)


Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project continued the workshop by detailing some of the surveillance threats from intelligence agencies, corporate entities, and the hacking industry, and demonstrated technology tools that can help protect privacy. These tools can be installed on public computers or taught to patrons in computer classes, and provide practical ways for everyday people to prevent search tracking, browse the web anonymously, and encrypt some of their online communications.


Click for presentation slides (PDF format)
Click for presentation slides (PDF format)

Thanks to all who participated and to ACRL/NY for co-sponsoring!

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