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Continuing Education #TBT: 2016 LILRC Annual Membership Meeting

On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, over 100 participants gathered for this year’s LILRC Annual Membership Meeting, which took place at the Farmingdale Public Library.

The morning kicked-off with the LILRC business meeting, which was followed by the Keynote Speaker, David Vinjamuri, 
President and Founder of ThirdWay Brand Trainers, who presented, Social Media for Library Marketing & Branding. In his talk, David discussed how to use social media to empower your library
 and effectively use a limited budget to promote events, build awareness for programs and enhance your library’s brand.

After a short networking break, our Lightning Round speakers took to the podium to share their innovative ideas, services and programs with attendees. Ludmila Pollock, Executive Director of Library and Archives at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory began the session with her presentation, Talking Science with Molecular Biologists through the Decades: CSHL Interactive Oral History. She discussed the CSHL Oral History Collection, which is a major initiative to document the history of science through the words and images of the scientists who have worked and regularly visited Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Examples were shared with attendees, including scientists working on the Human Genome Project and Women in Science. In addition, she shared the interview process as well as the oral history videotapes process.

Click Image for PDF Version of Slides

Next up was Martha DiVittorio, Grant Writing, Marketing and Reference Librarian at the Bellmore Memorial Library, who presented, StoryCorps at the Bellmore Memorial Library: How Oral History Connected the Library to Its Community. Martha described in detail the library’s involvement in StoryCorps, after receiving a $2,500 grant and Story Kit from NPR. By finding partners in the community, trained library staff and volunteers have helped preserve 23 of their community’s stories through oral histories.

Click Image for PDF Version of Slides
Click Image for PDF Version of Slides

Ellen Druda, Librarian Supervisor, Technology & Internet Services at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library and Margie Hartough, Head, Teen Services at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library presented, Lend-A-Hand: 3D Printing with a Purpose, and explored the world of 3D printing at their library, which serves a humane purpose. In teaming up with E-nable, the library’s 3D printers are used to create prosthetic hands, which are in turn assembled by community volunteers, who are given a patron assembly kit.

Click Image for PDF Version of Slides
Click Image for PDF Version of Slides

Shifting gears slightly, Sara Alcorn, MS LIS graduate student of St. John’s University presented, Designing for Access with WordPress: A Collaberation with NCLA Archives, which focused on the internship project being conducted for the Nassau County Library Association (NCLA). In her presentation, Sara shared the goal of the NCLA Archive Digitization Project and the work being done to digitize and make accessible on the Internet the archives of the NCLA, currently stored at Farmingdale Public Library. She showcased a sample of the materials currently digitized as well as the website constructed to display the items, which can be viewed online at:

Click Image for PDF Version of Slides

To conclude the Lightning Round presentations, 2016 Library Journal Mover and Shaker Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel, Head of Young Adult Services at the Uniondale Public Library presented, Empowering Teens by Any Means Necessary. In her talk, Syntychia shared the success story of her Empowerment Academy for teens in her library community. Through the Empowerment Academy, teens sign up and participate in a number of workshops covering topic such as conflict resolutions, college preparation, nanotechnology and much more. In advocating for the teens in the community, the program has also drawn in parents to participate and the teens receive rewards for their hard work, such as library goodies and gift cards. In incorporating this program into the library, she has been able to attract teens who wouldn’t normally come to the library and provide exposure to the various aspects of the arts, humanities, science and technology all while encouraging positive behavior and building their self-esteem.

Empowering Teens
Click Image for PDF Version of Slides

The LILRC Annual Membership meeting provides an opportunity for members and non-members alike to join together and learn more about LILRC happenings, but more importantly, learn from your colleagues success stories! If you would like to get involved and share your success story, please feel free to contact us. Special thanks to the LILRC Board of Trustees, the Farmingdale Public Library for hosting this year’s event, and to everyone who participated!

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.

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