Online Course Offerings

Looking for More Continuing Education Options? Check Out LILRC’s Online Course Offerings

Professional development is a major benefit that LILRC provides to all our members, but we know that attending in-person sessions doesn’t always work with your increasingly busy schedule.  Here’s a quick look at some on-demand options that you can check out yourself:

Atomic Training

atomic training

(Subscription Form)
LILRC continues to offer an annual subscription to online training of software applications and social networking tools to all libraries through Atomic Training at a highly discounted price of $50 per subscription for LILRC member libraries and $100 per subscription for non-member libraries. Each subscription will allow a library staff member (user) to have access to all Atomic Training’s on-demand online tutorials for one year.

Atomic Training website currently offers over 40,000 training videos and 150+ software applications such as:

  •         Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, OneNote, etc.
  •         Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  •         iOS, iTunes, iMovie, iPad, etc.
  •         Audacity, Google
  •         Social media and WordPress
  •         Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, SketchUp, etc.
  •         Landing the Job: Interview Techniques

Each subscription licenses one user to access the training videos for one year. Once we receive your subscription, you will be notified the subscription activation date corresponding to your subscription date and online access information.

Library Juice AcademyLJA-Logo

LILRC members are eligible to receive registration discounts to Library Juice Academy’s two- and four-week asynchronous online classes. LILRC members will receive a 20% discount on any LJA courses and webinars when they use the code LILRC during online registration (Expect to pay $175 for most courses).

Empire State Library Network (ESLN)

The Empire State Library Network is LILRC’s umbrella organization for statewide library councils like LILRC. You’ll find some webinars that our sister councils have planned on the ESLN calendar (Expect to pay a small fee for most webinars).

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