How Are You Celebrating Archives Month? Share Your Events with Us!


Archives Month was established to focus attention on America’s history and the organizations that work to maintain that history.  Since the late 1980’s more and more states across the United States are celebrating Archives Month.

Every community on Long Island and every community and county in New York State is a part of America’s history.  Why not spotlight your community’s history by planning an Archives Month event.  Please complete the Archives Month Calendar of Events form online at: by September 23, 2016.

Your event will then be added to LILRC’s Archives Month Calendar of Events, which will be made available on our website.  If you are not on the LILRC mailing list, and would like your event included in the calendar, please contact the Regional Archivist at

The 21th Annual Archives Month Conference will be held on Friday, October 7, 2016.
The Vanderbilt Mansion, Museum, and Planetarium,
180 Little Neck Road, Centerport, New York 11721
This year’s conference title is: “Documentation of Long Island Artists”


How to Celebrate Archives Month

(Courtesy Susan D’Entremont, Regional Archivist-Capital District Library Council)

  1. Open your doors: Hold an open house and provide tours of your facility.
  2. Highlight a photograph from your collection by placing it in the town newspaper, public library circulation desk, town hall or other public location.
  3. Mount exhibits using materials from your repository.
  4. Sponsor a lecture by a researcher who has used your collection.
  5. Impersonate someone else: Create a living history event by acting as someone whose letters, diaries or other items are in your collection.
  6. Sponsor a workshop or brown-bag discussion on preserving family treasures.
  7. Engage students in an Archives Month project, such as an essay contest, that encourages them to use historical records from your repository.
  8. Host a reception to thank Archives Volunteers. If you are an all volunteer group, throw yourselves a party! Invite friends and neighbors.
  9. Present a lecture on genealogical research and the sources available.
  10. Invite residents to bring in their own photos, letters and memories to share with others during a local history celebration.
  11. Organize a walking tour of a neighborhood documented by your repository.

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