2018 Annual Membership Meeting

The 2018 LILRC Annual Membership Meeting took place on Tuesday, June 19th at Farmingdale Public Library.

Our day began with the LILRC business meeting, followed by a dynamic keynote address from the team from nextLI.

Our speakers included Sam Guzik, Editor for Strategy and Platforms, Newsday Opinion; Amanda Fiscina,  Research and Digital Production Manager, Newsday Opinion; and Coralie Saint-Louis; nextLI’s Outreach and Engagement Manager. Our speakers explained that nextLI will serve as a “forum for Long Islanders to discuss the future and foster consensus around ways to make the region competitive, affordable and welcoming.”

nextLI is managed by Newsday’s Opinion department and is funded by a charitable project grant from The Rauch Foundation. More information is available at or on Twitter @nextLI.

Following our keynote, we had five Lightning Round Presentations from local Long Island librarians.
Our first presentation was called CoderDojo at Long Beach Public Library. Bianca Rivera presented on her CoderDojo program at Long Beach Public Library that mentors youth ages 7-17. She discussed coding with a non-technical background, finding and evaluating resources, the best free coding curriculum and clubs, and the most useful programming languages.

1 LILRC Prez_Page_1
Presentation PDF Available Here

The second presentation, Reaching Out to Bring Them In, was presented by Jill Cloonan of Longwood Public Library. Jill introduced a program called SmileAwhile, which is geared towards adults with special needs. SmileAwhile has proven to be extraordinarily popular with individuals with caregivers, group homes, and folks who volunteer to help at the programs. Jill encouraged our audience to reach out to create similar programs at their libraries.

Dr. Gregory Hunter of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science presented the next lightning round: Digitizing Local History Sources: A Report from the Palmer School. The digitization project started February 1, 2017 with a generous five-year grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. Dr. Greg Hunter, the Project Director, discussed the process and the progress made toward the ultimate goal: to digitize and preserve materials found in 80 local historical societies across Long Island.

Edna Susman, from the Half Hollow Hills Community Library, presented the topic Veterans and Libraries: Networking, Outreach and Mission. The Veterans Testimonial Project records and preserves local veterans’ military experiences as part of the Library’s local history collection. Edna explained the importance of libraries capturing the history of veterans that would otherwise be lost. She provided our audience with resources to begin similar projects.

4 2018 LILRC Veterans and Libraries_Page_01
Presentation PDF available here.

Our final presentation came from Lisa Zuena, of the Massapequa Public Library. Lisa presented Podcasting With Your Teens: How a Teen-Centered Podcast Began and Grew. Lisa started the “Pequa Podcast” with the teens at her library, empowering them to share their ideas and voices. She gave tips and ideas on starting a podcast at any library, with no technical experience required.

5 LILRC Podcasting Presentation 2018.pptx
Presentation PDF available here.

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 LILRC Annual Membership Meeting!

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